At Framwellgate School Durham we are passionate about enterprise. All of our students are provided with opportunities to engage in enterprising activity either in the classroom, or through participating in a wide variety of projects throughout the year.

Enterprise skills include challenging young people to work as a team, to develop their initiative, to take risks, to effectively communicate, negotiate and to develop an understanding of business.
All of these skills contribute to young people’s personal and social development and at Framwellgate School Durham we encourage students on a daily basis to be enterprising in their extra-curricular activities.   Some examples of our enterprising activity are provided below:

House Charity Programme

As a part of the House Charity Programme students are encouraged to come up with creative methods of collecting money for a selected charity.  They may dress up, have a bake sale or sell items they have made in Technology. All of these activities actively encourage students to take a lead and generate motivation to succeed for their charity.

Enterprise Week
Each year the school has a week dedicated to Enterprise where all students have the opportunity to access enterprise activities that will help develop their skills and deepen their understanding of what it means to be enterprising. This year 5 local County Durham Businesses allowed our students to rebrand their businesses. Students were tasked with casting a critical eye over their allocated business and made suggestions and recommendations for change. They then had to present their findings back to the businesses. The week was a huge success with the businesses implementing some of the students suggestions.

School Show Marketing Team
To support the annual summer school show a group of students worked together to not only market and promote the school show but they also sold refreshments and merchandise to make some money to support their group do the same for next year. This enterprising spirit is something that all students are encouraged to take part in to help develop their skills and understanding of enterprise.

Future Business Magnates
The Future Business Magnates (FBM) competition is a County Durham enterprise and business planning competition for Year 8 students. A team of 8 students apply to become a part of the FBM team and they then have a series of 6 challenges they have to complete about a business idea that they have selected.  The challenges are completed and marked by external judges and points are awarded. About 24 schools take part in the FBM competition each year.

The school has seen significant success over the last three years with the FBM programme.  In 2011 a group of students came up with the idea of savoury pet cakes for dogs, they came 2nd place. In 2012 students created a fashionable emergency bracelet with a microchip that could store information about the patient to ensure a quick diagnosis, they came 3rd. In 2013 students created wearable electronics using Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and they were placed 2nd.

The FBM competition does require full commitment from the students as they are involved for the full year.  However the learning provides the students with an invaluable experience that informally teaches them the process of how to plan a business.
Thank you to all of the business partners that have supported the FBM competition, they include Durham University, Durham Office Supplies and Network North.