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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Framwellgate School Durham.  As you consider which school is the best for your child, I am sure you will see that we have a great deal to offer.

You will be looking for a school with a record of academic achievement, a reputation for the care and support it gives with a wide range of opportunities for students to develop the personal skills they will need  in later life.  Framwellgate School Durham students get results.  They progress to colleges, apprenticeships and the most prestigious universities in the country.

We believe every student has the potential to surprise themselves with what they are truly capable of and we help them find the spark which ignites their ambition.  We are proud of the independent, self-assured, morally aware young people who go on to meet the aspirations we instil in them through their hard work and dedication to their studies.  Students are challenged to think and adopt good habits of learning.

Secondary schools can be large organisations but the best of them function as small communities.  Our ethos is very much focussed on developing a sense of identity and shared success in our students.  They are taught how to communicate, collaborate and contribute.  They are encouraged to self-reflect and consider others.

Our Code of Conduct is founded on giving respect, taking responsibility and showing the right attitude.  Visitors to the school can see this in practice, in the enthusiasm and sense of purpose, both in lessons and from the students themselves.

I hope you find the information in this prospectus useful.  Please contact the school by telephone or at if you have any further questions.

Andy Byers

Head Teacher