What Students Say About Their School

Grace Keown

“I like Framwellgate School Durham because it is a close community. All of the older students are really nice and look out for you. The teachers are really supportive and help you with things. They listen to you”

Sophie Marston

“At FSD the teachers try hard to make our lessons interesting and enjoyable. I like the subjects I learn, especially English and History. Fram has a safe environment and genuinely nice students”

Alfie Smith

“I like FSD because of the large variety of subjects I can try. It really helps when thinking of future aspirations as I can see what these subjects will be like. All the teachers are enthusiastic about what they teach making lessons fun and enjoyable. The reward system allows you to go to places like Flamingo land with your friends and enjoy it”

Evan Todd

“I enjoy Fram due to the diversity of lessons and challenging work. When I first arrived I worried about getting lost but I didn’t. It’s hard to get lost”

Sam Sweeney

“I love FSD because I have made new friends and have learnt new things that are educational and helpful to my life”

Jonathan Lawrence

“FSD gives me the opportunity to study extra-curricular activities and focus on impressing future employers. It is a safe environment to study and make friends and my teachers are supportive and passionate about their teaching. My school offers me a great education and supports me throughout”

Samantha Adamson

“I really enjoy the music department in Framwellgate. It allows me to be more creative. I like the fact that students have the opportunity to support each other in school too”.

Lily Wadeley

“I like the wide range of subjects I have. We can interact and learn different things. There’s lots of support from the teachers and my tutor”.

Olivia Bell

“At Fram we are able to access a wide range of subjects all the way from Year 7 through to GCSE and A-Level, which are all supplemented by the opportunity to take part in several educational trips. These range from geography fieldtrips to Iceland to visiting the theatre with the English department. Pupils are supported by their peers, teachers and pastoral staff alike to strive towards their future goals and ambitions in a welcoming and nurturing environment.”

Eliza Groark

“Framwellgate School Durham maintains a warm, open and accepting atmosphere that is felt by the pupils in Year 7 to Year 13. Support on both a pastoral and academic level is given to all the pupils who need it, and the teachers are committed to helping pupils making strong decisions about their future. The choice of subjects pupils have means that whatever field of interest they may possess, there will be a place for them at Fram”.

Nathan Maw

“The support from the Achievement Centre is really good. Staff are easy to talk to and help you. Teachers are really supportive and always there to help if you are stuck. Any problems or issues are sorted really quickly. I feel like Framwellgate School Durham has given me a lot of opportunities I wouldn’t have thought in regard to my future”.