Lunchtime is an important part of the school day. We encourage students to eat healthily from our dining halls or around campus.

We have two Dining Halls, Einsteins and Da Vinci’s, serving an extensive selection of healthy and nutritious food.  Items are priced separately and a two course meal may be purchased at a very moderate cost.  In addition, there is a mid-morning break service selling a selection of healthy breakfast style food.

Only students with a valid photographic I.D card will be allowed off campus at lunchtime.  Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students are not issued with I.D. cards. To obtain an I.D card, parents are required to complete a form which can be obtained from Student Reception. Obtaining an I.D card is considered to be a privilege for those students who have shown they are able to act responsibly and who demonstrate high levels of good behaviour both in lessons and around the campus.

The ID card remains the property of the school and can be taken back from a student at the discretion of the school

The school operates a cash-free system: a finger scanner is used to deduct money from the student’s account> (Note: we do not store finger prints of student.  Student accounts can be topped up by students using cash in machine in school or online by parents/carers through Parentpay at

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