Framwellgate School Durham operates a cashless payment system, removing the need for students to handle cash on a day to day basis and providing parents with an electronic mechanism to pay for school meals, trips, photographs and much more.

The school uses the ParentPay system to allow parents the opportunity to make payments either online, or over the telephone. Once a payment has been received, the relevant school account will be credited, with the funds being made available for the relevant purpose (i.e. school trip, school meals etc….).

Finger print scanning technology is used within the school to control access to catering povision and each student is required to have their fingerprint taken electronically at the beginning of the academic year. Parental permission is sought for this and you will receive a form from the admin team to this effect prior to your child enrolling with the school.  Fingerprints are scanned, encrypted & stored in the Framwellgate School Durham system as a sequence of numbers, (not actual images of finger-prints). All data is protected (along with all personal data held in school) under the Data Protection Act and student data is destroyed when a child leaves the School.

To access the parentpay web-site please click on the link below:

To view a guide on topping up and making a payment, please click here