Staff List

The Tutor System

Condor House       

Tutor Group
KS3 Mr C Cooper C1
Ms R Atkinson C2
Miss J Robson C3
Mrs E Napier C4
Miss E Craig C5
KS4 Mr C. Earl C8
Mr J Hodson C9


Falcon House         

Tutor Group
KS3 Mr G Stephenson F1
Mrs S Slater F2
Dr A Smith F3
Mrs L Oldroyd F4
Ms G. Evans F5
KS4 Mrs C Slane F7
Mr C Soothill F9


Hawk House                       

Tutor Group
KS3 Mrs J Laidlaw H1
Mrs E Southern (Maternity: Ms A Holland) H2
Ms L Bidmade H3
Mr G Wilson H4
Ms S Jackson H5
KS4 Mr M. Jones H7
Mrs K. Robinson H8
Mr A Brown H9


Kestrel House        

Tutor Group
KS3 Mr L Robertson K1
Mrs N Summerson K2
Mr M. Agar K3
Mr S Ord / Mr N Lobban K4
Mr D Fenn K5
KS4 Mrs C Atkinson K7
Miss L Lutynski K11


Sixth Form  

Tutor Group
Humanities and Social Sciences: Mrs L Mersh Roberts and Mrs M Johnson U1 and U2
Science/Maths: Mrs H Ward, Mr S Sutcliffe and Mr I Tippey U3, U4, U5
Languages, Media and Arts:Miss R Wilson U6 and U7
Sport: Mr J Sands U8


Heads of Year

7 Miss L Ingleby
8 Mr S Smith
9 Ms L Anderson
10 Mrs K Clifford
11 Mr K Dinsdale
12 and 13 Mrs L Brown / Mr F Ward


Directors of Personalised Learning

10 – 13 Miss L Ingleby
14 – 19 Mr F Ward


Director of Achievement Centre / SENCO Mr M McCreedy
Student Services Manager (Years 6, 7 and 8) Mrs K Oldham
Pastoral Managers
  • Year 9
Mr P Chivers
  • Years 10 and 11
Mrs J Cresswell
Deputy Headteachers
  • KS3
Mr P Connor
  • KS4
Mrs F Thompson