Teaching & Learning

Access to a Broad and Balanced Curriculum

All students at Framwellgate School Durham have the right to access a broad and balanced curriculum (National Curriculum).  Our SEND philosophy places SEND students at the heart of personalising learning and our curriculum is tailored to meet individual student needs.

Access to the curriculum is gained through Quality First Teaching, the differentiation of work using a wide variety of teaching and learning styles and where appropriate, the use of ICT resources. At times modifications to the curriculum may be implemented to maximise learning. Strategies for groups of students include flexible groupings, a designated group in KS3 focusing on the enhancement of key skills and KS4 pathways which are relevant to students’ needs including a work based learning curriculum.

Individuals with literacy and numeracy difficulties are offered additional reading, spelling and number programmes, some of these sessions are run during morning tutor time and others during withdrawal sessions. The Achievement Centre Team support the learning of students with SEND within the classroom wherever possible but for a small number of students there is a requirement for more intensive intervention. Students with significant learning or emotional difficulties may benefit from a partial curriculum where they spend some lessons extending their learning in specific areas through programmes delivered in the Achievement Centre. Applications are made to examination boards to obtain access arrangements when appropriate.

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