The period of transition is an important part of a student’s life and the Achievement Centre works closely with primary schools, through Student Review and Transition Meetings, to make sure the bridge between primary and secondary education is a smooth and informative process which allows for an easier transition for not only students but staff and parents also.  All information shared during this process is compiled into an individual student profile with the aim of identifying student’s needs and providing detailed information for class teachers and support staff to help personalise learning.

All students identified as being vulnerable or on the SEND register are provided with additional arrangements which provide them with further opportunities to meet new people, learn the layout of the school and express any concerns they may have.  These arrangements may include site familiarisation tours, a chance to meet with current students and key staff (Heads of Year, Tutor, Pastoral Managers, LSAs or the Director of the Achievement Centre) and opportunities to take part in some practical lessons such as Technology and Science

On initial entry to the school vulnerable students are closely supported and monitored over the first term to ensure they are accessing the curriculum and are managing with the challenges of a new school.  Access to Pastoral staff and the Achievement Centre is available on a day-to-day basis in particular during unstructured parts of the day.

As students progress through school, transitions at key times (Years 9, 11 and 13) are careful managed to ensure all options are carefully considered so that informed choices are being made about future education.

Achievement Centre staff are also involved in supporting SEND students in the process of making choices for their curriculum route beyond Year 9 and with transitions beyond Year 11 (to reduce the risk of students becoming NEET).

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