About My Child’s Progress

Progress Reports, Progress Updates and Parents' Evenings provide information about your child's achievement

During the academic year, you will recieve a Progress Report with detailed comments about your child’s progress and targets and a Progress Update which provides information about thier grades. You will also be invited to discuss these with subject teachers at a Parents’ Evening.

If you would like to talk generally about your child’s progress across a range of subjects, you should talk to thier tutor. At any time, tutors are often the first port of call to address issues with your child’s academic performance, extra-curricular activity or relationships. They will talk to other members of staff on your behalf or arrange with specific colleagues for you to discuss matters further.


Monitoring Progress

End of year targets are set with Year 7 students and end of Key Stage targets are set with students in Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12. Targets are reviewed at the beginning of Year 9, Year 11 and Year 13. Target levels or grades are used to motivate students and give them responsibility for their progress as well as by teachers to monitor it.  On-going classroom assessment will make reference to targets and provide feedback on the next steps required to meet them.

All targets are set using a similar process: students and teachers discuss progress and aspirations together and set realistic, challenging target levels or grades. Teachers will take into account the past performance of their students, particular skills and aptitudes and the likely achievement of similar students based on national statistics.

You will receive updates on your child’s academic progress through a full written Progress Report which includes comments from class teachers and an interim Progress Update. Both of these reports give information on national curriculum levels, progress towards targets and performance measures on 1-5 scale which consider:

Quality of classwork: Quality of work completed in class linked to student potential
Quality of homework Quality of work completed at home linked to student potential
Organisation Achieving deadlines, being prepared for class, submission of homework
Attitude to learning Effort and behaviour demonstrated in tackling tasks set
Collaborative skills Class contributions, paired and group work

The Parents’ Evening is organised through an appointment based system and your child will make appointments with their teachers on your behalf prior to the evening.  An appointment with your child’s Tutor can also be arranged if required. You will receive notification of parents’ evenings by text message.  We ask that you ensure that your contact details are up to date to prevent important messages being missed.