Being Prepared

Being organised and ready for school matters. We expect students to look smart, have the right equipment for lessons and meet homeork deadlines.

To help you and your child prepare for their learning, there are some items that they should bring to school every day:

  • Student Diary
  • Pen Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Mathematics Kit

The Student Diary is a vital tool for your child to organise their learning. They should use it manage their homework deadlines and keep key dates and information to hand. Ask them to talk through how they are planning their work with you.

Your child’s Tutor will carry out regular checks to ensure all students are fully equipped for learning.

We also ask that as much personal property as possible should be clearly marked.  Items of either sentimental or monetary value should not be brought to school.  The carrying of significant sums of cash is also actively discouraged.  Payments made at school for items such as tickets or trips can be paid for online through Parentpay at or alternatively by a crossed cheque made payable to “FSD”.  The school cannot be held responsible for the security or loss of personal equipment but in the event of loss we do make all reasonable efforts to trace the missing articles.  The school has no insurance to cover such losses.

Mobile phones and electronic devices must not interfere with learning.  Mobile phones should be switched off in lessons and in Tutor Group time/Assemblies.  The policy of the school is to confiscate phones or electronic equipment that are being misused on the campus.