Homework is an important feature of learning at Framwellgate School Durham. It supports independent learning by developing skills of research, communication and organisation. It also helps students to develop the qualities of self-reliance, self-motivation and perseverance.

 All students are entitled to receive appropriate homework to develop their independent learning skills. Homework at Framwellgate School Durham has the purpose of improving knowledge, skills and understanding. It can feature a wide range of tasks and disciplines that may have different formats. Homework can be:

  • Research based – where students are asked to source or produce material that will be used in lessons
  • Project based – where students are completing long term tasks
  • Assessment based – where the tasks forms part of ongoing assessment and feedback on progress
  • Consolidation based – where students require practice or are preparing for examinations

Homework tasks will differ in type, style and frequency depending on which subject and Key Stage it is set.  For example, mathematics homework may focus on short, targeted skills development exercises whilst humanities subjects may require students to take a longer time to research and complete an extended writing task.